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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Intelligent Design?

Accepting God and evolution does not have to be a trivial concept. Pitting God against science is foolish and ignorant, whether it is an evolutionist or an intelligent design-ist. As a scientist, I have no qualms about being a Christian who loves to do research. In fact, the more research I do, the more I am convinced that a higher power had to have been responsible for it all.

Science is all about making educated guesses and formulating experiments seeking to understand natural phenomena. Unfortunately, no experiments can be made to prove the existence of God or God’s hand in the creation of the universe. Believing in God is based on faith, not on observation. To add intelligent design to the scientific curriculum in schools would not require science at all. If Christians want to teach intelligent design, they should have a philosophy class on the possible origins of life in the universe and include all non-scientific beliefs.

The crux of this debate is how it all began. Whatever theory one takes to be true, no one will ever know for certain how it was done. It is my belief that even in the first few books of Genesis, where some say may be mirrored from a Pagan belief; there is no conclusive evidence that the timescale God was working on is the same timescale that humans are accustomed to. I am a firm believer that we (our universe) may be, as String Theory suggests, a slice of a large loaf of bread. Our quest for the understanding of how it all began may never be realized because the facts that make up that understanding probably contain rules that we never could have the capacity of realizing.

Both intelligent design and evolution have one thing in common, at least. And that is, given a certain set of assumptions that are somewhat understood by proponents of either theory, the universe was created. What if those assumptions are wrong? One example that I can think of is suggested in String Theory. Factually, gravity is a supremely weaker force than all of the other forces that make up our universe, like electromagnetism, the strong and weak forces. What if the force of gravity was just as strong as or stronger than the other forces, but we didn’t realize it because gravity is diffused throughout an unimaginably, infinitely large space that contained more than our universe. What if our universe is a slice of a loaf of bread?
All in all, maybe God told us everything we needed to know. And maybe we don’t know as much as we think. I will continue to believe in the existence of God as well as cherish science.

For more info on string theory, there’s a 3 hour long video available at NOVA. You can see all of it online, albeit in bits and pieces at:


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